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Analyzing tkprof Results

Step 3: Turn Tracing Off

The same options that we use to enable tracing are used to disable it. These include:



To disable tracing for another user’s session use:


This process is a perfect candidate for automation. The code below (start_trace.sql) creates a stored procedure that automates all the steps discussed so far. It can also serve as a wrapper for the standard methods of enabling tracing. Start_trace.sql accepts the sid and serial# for the session that needs tracing. It requires that a time interval, in seconds, be set to run the trace so that it doesn’t run perpetually and bog down the session. When the time has elapsed, it will disable tracing for the session and send the relevant trace information: user, time, and trace file name.


The output from start_trace.sql is displayed below. The time interval specified was 30 and we can see the elapsed time of the trace in the timestamps below.

SQL> exec start_trace(17, 6157, 30);

Tracing Started for User: SCOTT
Tracing Start Time: 12-26-2002 14:55:12
Tracing Stop Time: 12-26-2002 14:55:42
Trace Directory: C:\Oracle\admin\ORCL92\udump
Trace Filename: ORCL92_ora_5472.trc

The next step is to run tkprof against the trace file


To learn more about these techniques, see the book "Advanced Oracle Utilities: The Definitive Reference". 

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