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Donald K. Burleson

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PL/SQL Wrap Utility for Encryption


SQL> select text from user_source where name = 'GIVE_RAISE';

procedure give_raise
(emp_id in,
emp_rating in NUMBER )
-- raises are only given to those that scored a 5
-- in their rating
if emp_rating = 5 then
update employee
set salary = salary + (salary * .15)
where id = emp_id;
end if;

13 rows selected.

Any user that has been granted the DBA privilege can see the contents of the procedure (dba_source), including in this case, the company formula for raises. To prevent this, the stored procedure needs to be wrapped and replaced in the database.

C:\Oracle\bin>wrap iname=giveraise.sql oname=give_raise_encrypted.sql

PL/SQL Wrapper: Release Production on Sun Dec 08 14:28:41 2002

Copyright (c) Oracle Corporation 1993, 2001. All Rights Reserved.

Processing giveraise.sql to give_raise_encrypted.sql

Once wrapped, the procedure can be resubmitted to the database:

SQL> @c:\Oracle\bin\give_raise_encrypted.sql

Procedure Created.

Now, another query against user_source shows the newly wrapped code:

SQL> select text from user_source where name = 'GIVE_RAISE';

procedure give_raise wrapped
0 9a 8f :2 a0 6b :2 a0 f b0
3d 8f a0 b0 3d b4 55 6a
a0 7e 51 b4 2e :3 a0 7e 51
b4 2e e7 :2 a0 7e b4 2e ef
f9 e9 b7 19 3c b7 a4 b1
11 68 4f 1d 17 b5

Notice the output of the query above appears like garbage, or at least not readable code. Nothing except Oracle.exe can now read the logic for generating raises.

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