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The GENERATE_SIGNATURE procedure is mistakenly attributed to the OUTLN_PKG in the Oracle documentation set, in actuality it is located in the OUTLN_EDIT_PKG which is synonymed to be DBMS_OUTLN_EDIT. Passing the GENERATE_SIGNATURE procedure a SQL statement will return a RAW signature of the SQL which can then be used to probe the outline tables to see if that SQL has an existing OUTLINE.

When using GENERATE_SIGNATURE, it is probably easiest to create an anonymous PL/SQL script to return the signature or the SQL and OUTLINE name to you. The signature is a RAW, so in the example, shown below, we return the outline name.


SQL> set serveroutput on


SQL> declare

2  sql_text varchar2(200);

3  ret_sql_text varchar2(200);

4  ret_outline_name varchar2(32);

5  gen_sig raw(16);

6  begin

7   sql_text := 'select owner, table_name, tablespace_name

8     from

9     dba_tables

10    where owner not in '

11  ('||chr(39)||'SYS'||chr(39)||','||chr(39)||'SYSTEM'||chr(39)||')';

12   dbms_outln_edit.generate_signature(sql_text,gen_sig);

13   select a.sql_text, into ret_sql_text, ret_outline_name

14   from dba_outlines a where signature=gen_sig;

15   dbms_output.put_line('Sql text for '||name||': '||ret_sql_text);

16  end;

17* /


Sql text for TEST1: select owner,table_name,tablespace_name

from dba_tables


owner not in ('SYS','SYSTEM')                                                  


PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Once you have identified the SQL statement for which you want to edit the hint structure, you use the DBMS_OUTLN_EDIT procedure to perform the edits as shown above.

The above text is an excerpt from:

Using Oracle SQL Stored Outlines & Optimizer Plan Stability
ISBN 0-9740716-8-4

by Mike Ault

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