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When a typical user references an object without a schema qualifier, it is quite uncommon for the referenced object to exist in that userís schema. Youíre probably thinking, ďDidnít I just read that objects are presumed to exist inside the userís schema?Ē You did.

The objects being referenced do exist inside the userís schema, but the user is not accessing the real objects; instead, that user is referencing a synonym that points to the real object (much like your telephone number isnít you, but still allows people to get in touch with you). Because the user accesses a synonym for an object, the user is able to reference objects without using schema qualifiers.

A public synonym is a synonym to which all database users have access, unless overridden by a private synonym. A private synonym works only for the user who owns the synonym. Public synonyms are created by the DBA to allow all users to reference an object; private synonyms are created by the DBA for specific users as the need arises. If a private and public synonym have the same name, the private synonym takes precedence. Figure 2.4 illustrates this concept.

This is an excerpt from the book "High Performance Oracle Database Automation" by Jonathan Ingram and Donald K. Burleson, Series Editor.


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